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 Welcome to our website. We are very pleased with your visit, especially from a foreign country.

 3218 to 130  

 Do you know what these numbers stand for? This is the ratio of solely operated patent firm to patent firms with over ten patent attorneys in Japan. This data shows that the number of solely patent firms is much larger than the number of large patent firms in Japan. Do you know the reason why? Personally, I think that our line of work highly depends on each patent attorney.

 I have often heard that a large patent firm costs a lot and you may not be informed of who is in charge of each case. Our paten firm may be small, however, we offer you high quality services relating to intellectual property rights with fairly affordable price. Are you satisfied with the price of current Japanese patent firms? Are you satisfied with the English proficiency of current Japanese patent attorneys? Aren't you looking for an experienced Japanese patent attorney with technological background?

 If you are looking for these factors in choosing a Japanse patent firm, we believe that our firm will be your best option. We may not be a big patent firm with many attorneys, but we can assure you of high quality service with fairly affordable price. Furthermore, we have experience in this field for over 15 years. Please refer to our schedule of charges to check.

 If you worry about communication to a Japanese patent attorney, do not worry about it! Our patent attorney is proficient in English. We are hoping to work with you especially if you are from overseas. If you are interested in our firm, feel free to contact us.

 Best regards, Noboru Minowada

 Representative Patent Attorney






 蓑和田国际专利事务所 专利代办人代表


We have kept receiving many JP applications from overseas
We have been receiving many JP applications from overseas
Accepting many JP applications from overseas
We are preparing the webpages for our Chinese customers
In December, we asked two US patent applications to an American firm
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