Our special offer for your trademark filing in Japan

Our special offer for your trademark filing in Japan

  In order to attract more foreign customers, we have decided to discount our fee overly for a trademark filing in Japan. Kindly refer to the above picture. We believe that our fee is very attractive for every foreign client.

 And I think that most trademark applications do not meet any major Office Action.

 However, if we recieve a rejection that requires Argument and Amendment, it might cost around $300(it varies with the coplexity of the OA).
 Plus, it is noted that if you request us to conduct translation (Japanese⇔English, Chinese, etc) of the OA, I will charge you translation fee. But, I will try to minimize our translation fee. I will be able to summarize the OA when translating, so that our translation fee would be minimized.

 As you can see, I think that our fee is comparetively lower than other firms in Japan, because I truly would like to get a job from a foreign country and work with foreign partners. This is the only reason I offer you special price for Japanese trademark this time. It is needless to say that we assure you of high quality service with fairly affordable price.

 If you are interested in our firm, I would feel very happy. Please feel free to contact us.

 Best regards,
 Noboru Minowada