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 In this era of globalization, it is necessary for a company to register patent rights in Japan when the company sells their products in Japan and exports their products to Japan. Based on a patent right, a third party cannot infringe on your technology and the company having the patent right can claim for damages if the third party violates the patent right.

 Get fairly affordable patent filing service in Japan at our firm!Our service fees are below!

Do not concern about communication with a Japanese attorney

 If you worry about communication to a Japanese patent attorney, do not worry about it!

 Our patent attorney is proficient in English and speaks English fluently.

 With that said, you can convey your real intention and instructions directly to us correctly through the internet, phone, email, etc in English. We think that this ability is very important for our job, because a trademark application is a legal document. We are not tolerant of miscommunication.  

 Based on this English skill, our firm can offer you high quality services at speed with affodable costs.

Patent fees

<PCT Japanese national stage>

  Attorney's fee(JPY) Official fee(JPY) TOTAL
Basic filing fee ¥70,000 ¥14,000 ¥84,000
Basic fee for claiming priority ¥5,000 ¥5,000
Filing request for substantial examination 5,000 ¥106,000
+¥3,600(charge for each claim)
TOTAL ¥80,000 ¥123,600~ ¥193,600~(our fee ¥80,000+official fee ¥123,600~)
(approximately $1,936~)

※If you need translation into Japanese, translation fee for our translation service will be necessary. Our translation service fee is mentioned below.

<Examination Procedures>

  Attorney's fee Official fee(JPY)
Argument and Amendment ¥60,000 --

※Notification of reasons for refusal will be issued if any inappropriateness is found in the examination, which can be responded to within a specified response period (e.g.three months) by submission of an argument accompanied by amendment if necessary.

Our translation services

 In our firm, a patent attoney, who has written over 400 patent applications, with scientific backgrouds will be in charge of translation, so that mistranslations and misunderstanding will be minimized.

 Our translation service from English to Japanese will be conducted by a patent attorney with scientific knowledge. Our translation service from Japanese to English will be performed by a native or a semi-native speaker of English.

 Our translation fees are below.

  • from English to Japanese, per 100 words (Eng) ¥1,700
  • from Japanese to English, per 100 words (Eng) ¥2,000


Our services for Patent in Japan

1. Preparing patent applications and filing to the JPO
2. Conducting patent searches before filing
3. Responding to oppositions from the JPO (Patent Prosecution)
4. Patent registrations.
5. Responding to the OA for acquiring Japanese Patent via PCT

Patent examination process in Japan

 Japan has adopted the examination system in terms with patent applications. A patent application must be examined by an examiner of JPO before it is granted.The applicant must subimt Request for Substantative Examination within three years from the filing date in order to have the application examined.

 Notification of reasons for refusal will be issued if any inappropriateness is found in the examination, which can be responded to within a specified response period (e.g.three months) by submission of an argument accompanied by amendment if necessary.

 If there is no reason for refusal or when the reason is withdrawn after the response to OA, the examiner will grant a patent right. The patent right will only come into force if the applicant completes the payment of the registration fee in time. Registration would be valid for twenty years from the filing date.

 For patent applications in Japan, there are two routes in general, one by filing a national patent application to the Japan patent office under the Paris Convention and the other by nationalizing the PCT application based on the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

  • Required information for filing a Japanese patent application

    ・An application form for a patent
    ・A description
    ・Drawings(if neseccary)
    ・An abstruct

     You have to submit an application form for a patent, along with a description, claims, drawings (if necessary), and an abstract.

     The application form itself must be written in Japanese. In principle, the description, claims, drawings (if necessary), and abstract also should be written in Japanese. However, you may initially submit the description, claims, drawings (if necessary), and an abstract in any language.

     In this case, you will need to submit the Japanese translations of those documents within one year and four months from the earlier of the following two dates: (1) the filing date or (2) the priority date (if applicable). If you do not submit translations to the JPO within the specific time, your patent application will be deemed to have been withdrawn.

    ・Name and address of inventor(s)
    ・Name and address of assignee(s)
    ・Priority date and country (if applicable)
    ・Priority application number (if applicable)

     These information are also necessary when applying the patent application to the JPO.

  • Priority Documents

    An applicant may claim priority based on a patent application in any other country under the Paris Convention,, in this case, a certified priority document must be filed within one year and four months from the first filing date of a priority-based application.

    When its priority is based on an American application, a European application, a Korean application, or a Taiwanese application, the priority document is not required to be filed, because an electronic filing system has already established between their patent office and the Japan patent office.

  • As for a PCT national entry

    For a PCT national entry, we will be able to obtain the above information, claims, a specification from the PCT publication, if it is published in English. Please simply inform us of the PCT application number or simply send us the certified copy of the basic application. Please be advised that the deadline for a PCT national entry in Japan is 30 months from the priority date.

  • Appointting a patent attorney

    If you do not have a permanent address or residence (Office, if the applicant is a legal entity) in Japan, a legal representative (such as a patent attorney) with a permanent address or residence in Japan must be appointed as a patent administrator.Except for a few exceptions, all procedures must be conducted through your patent administrator.

    In addition to this, it is strongly recommended that you appoint a patent attorney as your representative because patent attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about Patent, design, and trademark laws and the necessary filing procedures to complete the process successfully.

  • As for a power of attorney

    You do not need to submit a signed power of attorney when applying a patent, trademark, and design.However, if you appoint a representative(e.g.a patent attorney) acting on behalf of your client to proceed with our patent office afterwards, you need to submit a power of attorney.

  • Publication(Laying open)

    In Japan, all applications are laid open (published in the Japan Patent Office Official Gazette) 18 months from the filing date or the priority date, whichever is earlier. After the publication, the applicant in a case of unauthorized use of a patent shall have a claim on the infringer of appropriate monetary compensation.


Your payment can be made via Paypal

 You can pay your bills via Paypal with your credit card. Its remmitance fee is 3.9% of the total bill. I think it has a very reasonable price compared to the charge at the bank.

 Furthermore,in some instances, sometimes exchanging currency can be very troublesome when paying the fee. However, if you choose Paypal, you are not required to exchange the currency to Japanese yen. You can pay your fee directly with the Japanese yen. This is very useful.  

 It goes without saying that you can pay your bill through banks. But if you choose to pay by Paymal, all you need is your credit card information and your paypal account. It is very convenient.


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