About us

Noboru Minowada, representative patent attorney

(Japan Patent Attorneys Association, Registration Number 16781)
  • Brief personal history

    3.1996 Obtained a Bachelors degree in synthtic chemical engineering at Hokkaido University

    3.1998 Obtained a Master degree in synthtic chemical engineering at the graduate school of Hokkaido University

    4.1998 Entered an electric company(Production technology division as an engineer)

    6.1999 Entered a patent firm(worked for over 15 years)

    3.2016 Put up my own patent firm

  • My summary of experiences

    Prepared over 400 patent documents and dealt with over 200 cases of office action for Japanese clients in the electronics and mechanical fields such as Panasonic and Toyota in cases of processing their applications to the Japan Patent Office and various overseas patent offices

    Both domestic and international patent applications for small‐and‐medium‐sized enterprises(SMEs)

    Industrial design and trademark applications

    Prior document search relating to patent and trademark application records

    Utility patent applications for green plants in the US and Japan

    Performed translations for both international and domestic clients (English⇔Japanese)

  • Qualifications

    Japanese Patent Attorney

    Grade 1-first level of the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency(Common Scale for English(CSE) score:over 3000)

    Teacher’s lisence for science in high school

  • Hobbies

    Cycling, traveling abroad, cooking, collecting stamps, etc


  • Words I live by

    ・Nothing ventured, nothing gained
    ・Where there is a will, there is a way


 Name:Minowada International Patent Firm
 The location:223-1 Bougane-cho, Seto-shi, Aichi Japan
 Established in March, 2016


  • Representatively performing applications and procedures accompanying patent, trademark, and design applications to the Japan patent office
  • Performing as an intermediary agent for acquiring intellectual property rights (patent, trademark, design) in foreign countries
  • Translation service (English⇔Japanese)


Management philosophy

 Our management philosophies are contribution (to the society through working), cooperation (with society), and communication (to our clients).



The meaning of our logo

 Its mountain shape stands for Minowada.
 Its green color stands for my gratitude to Mr.Takami Ito who is a green specialist and treated me very well at the time I independently put up my own patent firm.
 Its red shape stands for sunrise, because I hope that my business will rise as bright as the sunrise.
 Its pink C border stems from the initial letter of our management philosophies which are Contribution, Cooperation and Communication.