We are preparing the webpages for our Chinese customers

We are preparing the webpages for our Chinese customers

  Long time no see, but I have been very busy with our works these days. I set up my firm 3 years ago. Now many clients are getting interested in my business gradually. My business is going very well up until now since I started my own firm.

 Anyway, we are now preparing the webpages written in Chinese for our Chinese customers. As a matter of fact, last month, we asked three patent applications to a US firm, and many trademark applications to a Chinese firm. We hope to expand our business area, therefore we prepared the Chinese pages.

 You may not know, but the number of solely operated patent firms is much larger than the number of large patent firms in Japan (3218 to 130). Therefore, it must be very beneficial for you to find and ask jobs to a good, affordable, small firm like us. Large patent firms in Japan cost a lot and you may not be informed of who is in charge of each case. We keep offerring you high quality services relating to intellectual property rights with fairly affordable price.


 Thanks for reading my blog. If you are interested in our firm, I would be very happy to receive a job especially from a foreign country. Please feel free to contact us. I can handle English very well so you can communicate us easily in English.

 We will be waiting for serving you.

 Best regards,
 Noboru Minowada