Your payment could be made by Paypal

Your payment could be made by Paypal

 We have started to receive jobs from foreign clients. So in order for us to adjust to our customer’s preference, we decided to enroll in Paypal so that foreign clients could pay thier bills via Paypal or wire to the Bank.

 Paypal is very convenient when it comes to the payment.
 All you have to do is to check the bill and click the button in the email that we sent to you after we finish the job. And its remmitance fee is 3.9% of the total bill. I think it has a very reasonable price compared to the charge at the bank. Furthermore,in some instances, sometimes exchanging currency can be very troublesome when paying the fee. However, if you choose Paypal, you are not required to exchange the currency to Japanese yen. You can pay your fee directly with the Japanese yen. This is very useful.

 It goes without saying that you can pay your bill through banks. But if you choose to pay by Paymal, all you need is your credit card information and your paypal account. It is very convenient.

 Anyway, we will be looking forward to working with you and hope to support your patent, design, and trademark grant by the JPO.

 If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact us.

 Best regards,
 Noboru Minowada