I went to China and visited some chinese firms.

I went to China and visited some chinese firms

 In order to deepen the relationship between our firm and Chinese firms, I visited some Chinese firms in Beijing. I show some pictures there.

 Because we have asked some Chinese patent applications to the firms, some firms treated me to lunch or dinner. I know that they showed gratitude to me, and I thanked to them. We exchanged the latest information ralating to Japnese and the Chinese intellectual property and I had a very nice time with them.

 This time, I was able to visit a variety of firms. Some focus on its quality, while others focus on its cost. Therefore, now that I can adjust and select a Chinese firm according to our customer’s preference.

 By the way, as you can see, the smog in Beijing was terrible and beyond my expectation. My visibility was very limited by the smog. I thought that the Chinese economy has developed rapidly, but they have lost so many precious things at the same time. And I enjoyed Chinese food very much. The trip was very fruitful for me.

 Thanks for reading this blog. If you are interested in our firm, I would be very happy. Please feel free to contact us. I can handle English so you can communicate with us easily in English. We will be looking forward to serving you in the future.

 Best regards,
 Noboru Minowada