How to find a small good patent firm in Japan

how to find a good, cheap, experienced patent firm in Japan

 I have just started my own patent firm in Japan since April, 2016. But I have experiences for over 15 years in this field. I have written over 400 patent applications relating to Panasonic and applied many trademark applications in Japan.

 As you know, a large patent firm in Japan costs a lot and you are not informed of who is in charge of each case in general. In addition, the number of solely patent firms is much larger than the number of large patent firms in Japan(3200 to 130).

 So how to find a good, cheap, experienced patent attorney in Japan?

 I recommend you to find a small patent firm in Japan. I understand that it would be very difficult for foreigners to find such a small firm in Japan, but because you are reading our blog, we believe that our firm will be your best option.I will not let you down.

 In addition, I am proficient in English and speak English fluently so you can communicate us easily in English.

 If you are not satisfied with the price of current Japanese patent firms, and are looking for an experienced Japanese patent attorney with technological background, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Best regards,
 Noboru Minowada