Introduction of our firm

Introduction of our firm

 Today I would like to mention about our features in brief.
 If you are seeking for a good and affordable patent firm in Japan, don’t hesitate to contact us.

 (1) We promise to offer you high quality services with less costs (about 20~30% less than conventional large patent offices in Japan).
 (2) We have experience of various jobs relating to intellectual property rights for over 15 years.
 (3) Our patent attorney is proficient in English.
 (4) We will be able to offer you a one-stop service.
 (5) Our patent attoney is one of the very few Japanese attorneys which have expertise in a patent application relating to plants.

  Because we have already disclosed our schedule of charges on this webpage, you would understand that our fee is very affordable.
 We will be very pleased if you are interested in our firm.

 We promise that we will update our blog from time to time. Have a nice day ahead!

 Best regards, Noboru Minowada, Representative Patent Attorney